Welcome to high flying fun at the inflatable park at XtremeCraze in Westborough MA

Welcome to the Craze: What is an Indoor Inflatable Air Park?

Welcome to XtremeCraze Westboro! Are you ready for an experience unlike any other? Our airpark is an inflatable indoor landscape where you can jump, bounce, climb, and slide. From individual jump sessions to the coolest parties around, you won't want to miss out on the Craze!

Biff baff your way through the obstacle course in Westboro Massachusetts

What is an Air Park?

The only way to really "get it" is to experience it for yourself, but an airpark (also known as an inflatable park) is an indoor facility filled with inflatable structures for bouncing, climbing, sliding, and other fun ways to test your agility or catch some air. Think of it as a ninja skills course-meets-bounce house, turn it up to 11, and you'll have some idea of what a jump session is like at our Westboro airpark.

The beauty of an inflatable park is that you can experience the thrill of a ninja-style obstacle course and the exhilaration of catching air at a trampoline park, but there are no hard surfaces to worry about—just soft, pillowy inflatables. Jump sessions at our airpark in Westboro are the most fun you'll ever have getting a heart-pounding workout!

Who can participate in our jump sessions?

Everyone is welcome at XtremeCraze. Our inflatables are fun for all ages, though we do require a paying adult to accompany kids 4 years and under on the inflatables at all times. If you've ever looked at a bouncy castle or slide at a childrens' party and thought, "I wish they had these for adults!" you're in luck. Wish granted! You can bounce, jump, slide and feel like a kid again, whether you're 6, 16, or 60.

Enjoy high flying basketball in Westboro's jump park.'
Bouncing children and parent at the jump park.

4 Tips for Visiting an Air Park

Wondering what to know before you jump in? Check out our guide to visiting an inflatable park.

  • Inflatable park sessions can fill up quickly, so we recommend reserving your session ahead of time to ensure you are able to get in on the fun. You can book your bounce session online right now!
  • Our inflatable attractions are suitable for all ages and abilities. Children 4 years old and younger must be accompanied by a paying adult on the inflatables at all times.
  • Sessions last for 55 minutes. If all of that jumping, climbing, and sliding tires you out, just head over to the Craze Cafe to refuel with some snacks or take some time to relax in our lounge.
  • Please wear long pants, long sleeves, and socks. It's important to protect your skin from possible friction burns on the slides. Please note that trampoline park socks are not allowed.

Reach-for-the-sky fun!

Ready to fly high and have a blast? Join us at our inflatable park in Westboro, MA for a jump session and experience the Craze for yourself! You can even celebrate your special occasions with an inflatable party that will have your group smiling from ear-to-ear.

Teen boy running through the ninja course stepping pads.
Step carefully through our bouncing Ninja obstacle course.
Diagram of the inflatable jump park in Westboro Massachusetts