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Huge Prize Center! The Latest Games!

Come Play In The GameZone At XtremeCraze!

The GameZone is designed for all ages and includes the best-of-the-best video, sport and redemption games created. From test-your-skill games like Skee Ball and Basketball to dual interactive video auto racing games and Smoken Token, there's something for everyone!

Lots Of Fun-Filled Indoor Activities
Our XtremeCraze Family Entertainment Center has a huge range of fun-filled indoor activities. Our game zone appeals to kids of all ages and physical abilities. And grown-ups get to pretend they're not so grown up after all!

And Great Prizes!

After you've made your mark, redeem your tickets from those points-for-playing games for a wide variety of unique fun prizes at the XtremeCraze Prize Center.

Our Facility Is Sanitized By Swisher SWAT!
The contact surfaces in our XtremeCraze facility have been sanitized by Swisher Hygiene using a safe, hospital-grade germicide to eliminate 99.9% of most common germs.

Try the dual interactive video auto racing games.
Adults will enjoy our cool selection of interactive and test-your-skill games too.
Enjoy family time playing skill games with your children.
Challenge your teenager to a game of skill.
Child playing the Dizzy Chicken game.
Test your skill hitting the clowns in this interactive game.
Select from a wide variety of unique fun prizes at the XtremeCraze Prize Center.