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Online Party Invitations with RSVP

Invite friends, family, classmates via email to join you for a party at XtremeCraze!

The benefit to using the party invite system is it will allow your guests to fill out their waivers ahead of time, which will save time the day of.  As guests respond whether or not they are coming, you will be able to login and see their responses.  If more guests were invited than what is reserved, it will email you with an alert to call and check availability for those extra spots.  Below the second divider is the process that the guests will see when they are invited to the party.

Parent Email Invitation Walkthrough

After booking the birthday party over the phone you will receive an email sent by an XtremeCraze manager, an example of that email can be seen below.  When booking online a basic confirmation email is sent, within 24 hours a second email is sent which can be seen below.  Towards the middle of the confirmation email is a link “Click here to create an online account, send email invitations and manage your guest list.”  Go ahead and click that to go to the login page.

Example of Email page for inviting guests

The login page seen below can be used to either create an account or login to an account that was created from a previous booking.  In order to use the birthday invitation system, you will need to have an account.

Example of Login page for party parents

Once you login, you will be brought to this home page where you can pay the deposit, make changes to your reservation and utilize the RSVP system for inviting guests.  In order to invite the guests, you will click the “Manage Guests” link.

Example of logged in home page to manage or change reservation

The next screen is the screen used to select the image used for the invitations.

This is a summary screen that will show all pending invites, as well as any guests that responded attending or not-attending.  Once you are ready to invite guests, click the “Invite More Guests” button.

Example of guest invite screen

On this page, you will fill out each guests name, email address and a custom message to the guests.  When you finish filling out a guest and click send invitation, the first name, last name and email-address fields will clear and the Message to Guest will stay so that each guests receives the same message.  Once you are done adding guests, click the “Done Adding Guests” button.

Example of Guest Invite Screen

Below you can see how the guests would show up as they answer.

Example of Invitation Sent Screen

Guest Email Invitation Walkthrough

A guest will receive this email with the information on when and where the party is happening plus the custom message that was typed out.  This will click the link “RSVP” to RSVP to the party.

Example of Email received by guests

The Guest will be prompted with this screen showing a summary of when the party is happening and whether or not they will attend.  The following screen will ask if they have a card from a previous visit, most guests won’t so they will select that they do not have a card.

Example of Guest Response Page

The guest will then fill out their date of birth and code name followed by clicking the “Register” button.  The next screen contains the XtremeCraze waiver and they will check the box to agree and their RSVP is complete.

Example of Check In Page for Guests