Experience Live Action Laser Tag!


Ready - Aim - Get High-Tech Action at XtremeCraze in Woburn & Westborough, MA!

XtremeCraze LASER TAG is a fast-paced high-tech game, which combines the games of hide and seek, tag and capture the flag, incorporating state-of-the-art interactive computer and laser technology to create an exhilarating experience you won't forget.

Laser Tag is a fast paced fun game at XtremeCraze

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Multi-Level Futuristic Fun!
The game is played in a multi-level futuristic arena filled with glowing pillars, arches, passageways and swirling fog. Players, whether individually or on teams, use their lasers to score as many points as possible by targeting opponents' vest sensors or attempting to overtake the opponents' base stations.

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Real Time Scoring
Individual scores are tracked in real time and are displayed on each players vest and on monitors throughout the arena. The team with the highest total score wins.

An Exciting Group Activity
Perfect for birthday parties, corporate groups, team and social outings, or simply for those with a competitive spirit to engage in some heart pounding fun. XtremeCraze laser tag is designed for kids as young as seven years old to grown-ups of all ages.

Handicap Accessible
We can accomodate groups of persons with disabilities for multi-player games, with games being
blocked off for special request groups. Please call ahead.

XtremeCraze is sanitized by Swisher.Our Facility Is Sanitized By Swisher SWAT.
The contact surfaces in our XtremeCraze facility have been sanitized by Swisher
Hygiene using a safe, hospital-grade germicide to eliminate 99.9% of most
common germs.

Come Play Laser Tag At XtremeCraze!

P.S. Reservations are not required but are strongly recommended!
To make reservations, please call:
   781-729-9300 in Woburn
   508-366-6366 in Westborough

XtremeCraze's state-of-the-art laser tag system was created by
LASERTRON, manufacturer of professional laser tag equipment and arenas.